Fair Trial For

Celeste Beard Johnson

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"Even the mighty oak was yesterday's acorn that stood it's ground"


Behind the Fences

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Even though I try my very best to follow the rules, I fail.  My last case was graded as a
Major Case-- the worst!  I asked my mom to send another inmate (my play
daughter) a Bible for her birthday.  As usual, I received the harshest
punishment-- 45 days of cell restriction.  I was only allowed to leave
my cubicle to go to work, chow, passes, and one church service a week. 
To use the restroom, take a shower, or go to the trashcan, I had to ask
the officer's permission.  After 30 days of restriction, I was allowed
to go to the commissary to purchase stamps and specific hygiene items
and correspondence supplies.


Disciplinary Case

On September 28th, TDCJ began charging $100.00 a year to every offender as a health care
fee.  They prefer to take it out of our Inmate Trust Fund accounts all
at one time, but they will make multiple withdrawals if the inmate does
not have the full amount in the TDCJ Trust Fund Account. 


$100.00 Health Care Fee Notice


 Mountain View Commissary Price List