Fair Trial For

Celeste Beard Johnson

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"Even the mighty oak was yesterday's acorn that stood it's ground"


Education & Achievements

"The ONLY cure for grief is action."
                              --G.H. Lewis
 Prison is not an environment that is conducive to learning, but Celeste
continues to make the best use of her time. She has earned a Bachelor's
degree, and has received certifications as a Paralegal and Braille
Transcriptionist. Celeste is continuing with her legal studies to
possibly help others.  She believes that there are no prisons for the
mind except those we build for ourselves.
(All of my education expenses are being paid for by my family & friends. 
The State of Texas does not pay for tuition or books, and we are not
compensated for our labor behind the fences and razor wire.)

Pastor Celeste Johnson was ordained on

December 30, 2009

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Bachelor of Business Administration
Received August 14, 2010