Fair Trial For

Celeste Beard Johnson

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"Even the mighty oak was yesterday's acorn that stood it's ground"

"To My Daughters"

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Jennifer, Celeste, & Kristina



So many seconds, minutes, hours, days, years go by that I wonder if I will
ever be able to tell you just how much I love you.  The anger of my
past words has placed such an impossible distance between us and I am
deeply sorry for that.


I am innocent of this crime that I am convicted of. But, I do  understand
how you saw things from a different perspective.  I can't help but
wonder if I had been more open with you about my life, and less
concerned about appearances, would I be here trying to convince you of
how much I love you?

Or would you just feel it and know?




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Oil Painting,1996


I know that I wasn't the perfect mother.  For that matter, I had a lot to
learn as a mother as I navigated through life.  There can be no excuses
for my absense and carelessness as your mother and our resulting
ultimate denial of mother and friend.  But, nothing will ever change
that I have children that I love and that I continue to live every
moment with the desire of being part of your lives forever.  There is
nothing we can do to reverse the past.  But, I hope and pray in my
lifetime that we will reunite again.