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Celeste Beard Johnson

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"Even the mighty oak was yesterday's acorn that stood it's ground"


Simply Celeste... 


My name is Celeste and I have been convicted of a crime that I did not commit. 
I have always been a good-hearted and gentle-natured person, and
generosity has always marked my life.  I love people and animals and I
love my family.  I also loved my husband very much.  My daughters were,
and will always be my world and I did the best I could to be a good
mother, I labored them into the world and nurtured them to the best of
my ability.  Whatever mistakes I made along the way were not made out of
malice, but out of imperfection and inexperience.  Please understand,
that have made many mistakes, both as a mother and a wife, 
but this crime was not one of them.
 I am quite certain that many people incarcerated with life sentences may
say whatever comes to mind to gain their freedom, but I'm not one of
them.  I did not commit this
crime and the facts indicate that I did not commit this crime. 
 And, if I would have had a fair trial, I would not be incarcerated today.
I am imprisoned and although that is a victory for the prosecution, it is
an injustice to me because I am absolutely innocent of having any
involvement with this crime.  I was very naive to the legal process in
the past, but I have since educated myself to understand the many gross injustices
of my trial and how a square peg was forced into a round hole.
I encourage you to read my story to get a sense of who I am, who I was, and if you can help,
 it would be greatly appreciated.  If you cannot, that is okay, too.

In these past 10 years, I have experienced myriad emotions and most were
negative.  I have even been angry with God to the point of blaming Him
for my circumstances.  As I have slowly come around full-circle, I
realize that even behind this razor wire, I am actually blessed.   
Many assumptions have been made in my name. 
I am not a wealthy woman.  Any money that
I've had rested with my defense team almost a decade ago.

It has also taken me over 11 years to understand that nothing bad comes from the truth,
and nothing bad ever comes from forgiveness.
My case has been profiled extensively in the national media and without
exception, I have been vilified.  This website imparts only a mere
handful of the events and issues surrounding important details involved
with this case.  There are simply too many to address within this
forum.  It is written in third person for ease of the reader.   It just
states the facts causing the blame to shift back to where it belongs-
with the killer, "Tracey Tarlton"
(who currently is a free woman,out of prison and on parole).
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